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Kage Johnson Memorial Fund

Kage’s fund was started on behalf of a very beloved dog. Kage was so special that he had his own bank account. His owner loved him very much and did everything she could for him. Unfortunately, as with all creatures big and small alike, his life on this earth had to come to an end. In his honor, Kage’s owner left behind a generous donation in his name to which she continues to contribute. Town and Country Veterinary Associates have been using this money to provide medical care for animals in dire need. As we all know, veterinary care can be very expensive. It is very devastating when someone cannot afford emergency care for the pets that they love. Kage’s fund provides affordable veterinary service assistance and has been of great assistance to many in this situation and we would like to continue its benefits. Please let us know if you would like to contribute to Kage’s fund and maintain its much-needed use in the future. All of the proceeds will be put into Kage’s fund and used towards the medical needs of a pet that is loved, yet belongs to someone less privileged. Thank you for all your contributions.

The Doctors and Veterinary Staff at
Town and Country Veterinary Associates