Trust is the foundation of obtaining optimal health care for your pet. We value your trust and foster it by ensuring that you are knowledgeable and confident about every aspect of your pet’s care including:

  • The ethics, knowledge and skill of our staff and doctors
  • The standards of care we use every day
  • The procedures, facility and equipment we use daily at Town & Country

Here, we present our standards concerning the care of our patients ~ your pets. Universal patient care and standards of care do not exist in veterinary medicine and not all veterinary practices are equal.

Regarding surgery:

  • Only qualified, licensed Doctors of Veterinary Medicine perform surgery.
  • Surgical instruments are never shared between patients. A sterile, freshly opened set of surgical instruments is utilized for every patient.
  • Surgery takes place in a separate, enclosed operating room, away from general hospital traffic and airflow.
  • Surgeons wear caps, masks, sterile gowns and sterile gloves any time they perform sterile surgery.
  • Sterile individual suture materials are used for all internal sutures.

Regarding Anesthesia:

  • Only licensed Doctors of Veterinary Medicine or qualified veterinary staff give anesthetic drugs.
  • Patients are always intubated for safety to protect their airway, when they are under general anesthesia.
  • Every animal under anesthesia is monitored by a trained staff member from the moment of induction until recovery.
  • Animals are never left unattended. Studies have shown that the recovery period is actually the most likely time for an adverse event to occur.
  • Monitors are used during surgical procedures to monitor breathing, heart rate and oxygen saturation.

Regarding pain:

  • Every patient experiencing pain receives adequate medication to alleviate that pain.
  • Every patient undergoing a surgical procedure receives pain medications before anesthesia or surgery. It is our goal to perform surgery in a manner that minimizes pain and recovery time.
  • Any surgery, including elective surgery (spays and neuters) have the potential to be painful, and are treated with pain relief.

Regarding patient comfort:

  • Patients that are in the hospital are provided with warm, comfortable accommodations.
  • All steps are taken to relieve any anxiety your pet have. Patients having surgery are given a sedative after a pre-anesthetic physical is done, which helps your pet to relax.