• Mar 30 2023

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    March is Tick Awareness Month   

    After a long winter and spring finally on the horizon, we come out of “hibernation” and begin to make summer plans. But, as the temperature warms and the sun shines bright, ticks become active.…

  • Mar 23 2023

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    March 23 is National Puppy Day!

    They interrupt your sleep, need tons of attention and make messes every time you turn your back! Puppies are a handful and getting one is a HUGE commitment. But most people who have done it will tell…

  • Mar 20 2023

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    March is Pet Poison Prevention Month

    While your pet being poisoned in your home may seem unlikely, the reality is poisoning happens more often than you would think. Preventing pet poisoning can be as simple as taking an hour or two and…

  • Mar 09 2023

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    A Shoutout for Professional Pet Sitters

    This week marks Professional Pet Sitters Week, so it’s time to celebrate and learn about those devoted folks who step in and care for your beloved pets while you vacation in the surf or snow!  …

  • Mar 03 2023

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    Pining for a "pig"? March is Adopt a Guinea Pig Month!

    Most people are familiar that animal shelters take in cats and dogs, but many may not realize that they also take in other surrendered animals, including gerbils, mice, rats, and guinea pigs. March is…

  • Feb 23 2023

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    February 23 is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

    February 23 is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (also known as National Dog Biscuit Day)! We know our furry friends appreciate them, but do you know where they came from?  …

  • Feb 16 2023

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    Responsible Pet Ownership is the BEST Kind of Ownership

    Having a pet is a big responsibility—it is a lifelong commitment to provide care for an animal. When you adopt a pet, you take on the welfare of an animal who will be solely dependent on you.…