August 13, 2019

Ever miss a dose of heartworm prevention? It only takes one bite for a dog to become infected with heartworm. And did you know that the treatment for heartworm is far more expensive than the prevention?

We are excited to now be offering ProHeart. The only heartworm prevention that is given every SIX MONTHS, instead of monthly. ProHeart is injectable heartworm prevention, given during a quick trip to the office.  

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting product, please call 860-645-1700 or speak to your veterinarian at your next visit!

May 8, 2019

A note about heartworm disease and your dogs.

Are you using heartworm preventive for your dog throughout the year?  We have diagnosed 3 heartworm positive dogs in the past week!  Please don’t think that heartworm disease is not in Connecticut – IT IS! 

If you are adopting or buying a dog, from the south especially, be certain that he or she has been heartworm tested right before transport to Connecticut.  If the dog is less than 6 months old, a heartworm test is not necessary, although it does not mean that your new pet has not been exposed to heartworm disease. The test can be falsely negative, as the heartworm cycle takes 6 months. You will need to test your new family member 6 months after you adopt.  If your pet was tested prior to arrival, we’ll send you a reminder to retest 6-7 months after the last heartworm test was done.

Please call the office if you have any questions at 860-645-1700 or email [email protected].

Our goal is the best health for the life of your pet.

~ Dr. Gayle Block