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It's Summertime!
And that means vacations!!!

June 13, 2011


As summer swiftly approaches, many people are gearing up for travel. Sometimes traveling with your pet is an option, while other times, it simply is not. We offer some suggestions to help vacation be a pleasant experience for your pet, even if they’re not going with you!

When Fluffy’s Staying Home…

It’s becoming more common that people are allowing their pet to stay in the comfort of home, while the rest of the family is on vacation. There are numerous pet sitters, who will come in to your house several times daily to feed, walk, medicate (if needed) and give love to your pet. Most will also perform daily tasks that are necessary when no one’s home, such as collecting the mail, turning on/off lights, and watering the plants. Many pet sitter’s will take and send pictures of your pets and give you daily updates on how their doing. This is a great option, when you find someone your comfortable with and trust, because your pets routine is not disrupted as much.

At Town & Country, we recommend pet sitter’s that we are familiar with, have history with and that our clients have success with. Please call for their names and numbers!


When being home along isn’t an option for Fido…

Another option when you can’t bring your pet is to use a kennel. Kennel owner’s and staff want your pet to have the most relaxing and enjoyable time they can while their there. You can bring some comforts of home, and their own food and treats. Often you can opt for different packages for your pet during their stay that may include extra play time or an extra walk. You can ask to visit the kennel before you decide to leave your pet there, and be sure that you are totally comfortable with the facilities and the staff. Some facilities may have an “interview process” that your pet must go through, so that everyone can become familiar with each other and the kennel staff can get an idea for whether your pet can be socialized with a group (if you’d like them to be) or if they are more of a ‘people pet’. Many people utilize kennels for their pets while they are away and have great success – and their pet’s end up having a great vacation too!

Town & Country recommends these local kennels. Our clients have place their trust in these facilities for several years, and continue to with much success and happiness:

DayHill Kennels
136 Addison Road
Windsor, CT 06095-2101

Candlewick Kennels
2811 Hebron Avenue
Glastonbury, CT 06033-2724
(860) 633-6878

Baywood Kennels
10 Moose Meadow Road
Willington, CT 06279-1512
(860) 429-5533

Camp BowWow
1145 John Fitch Boulevard
South Windsor, CT 06074
(860) 372-4787

** Please note that while there are many comforts at kennels that dogs can enjoy, many dogs do experience some type of ‘symptom’ while you’re gone. To battle one common ailment, an upset stomach (diarrhea!), Town and Country suggests beginning a Probiotic (such as Proviable) 3 days prior to your vacation and throughout their stay. Probiotics introduce healthy bacteria into your pet’s intestinal tract. This can help normalize intestinal function that may be ‘off’ due to stress and helps with keeping stools firm.


If your pampered pet is traveling to your destination with you…

Please remember a few tips for happy and safe travels:

Whatever your plans for your pet are while your vacationing, be sure to plan ahead.   The proper research and plan in place can make for a smooth trip…for everyone!

As always, if you have any questions about traveling with your pet, or leaving them home, feel free to call the office at 860-645-1700 and ask any staff member for help!