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Time for New Year's Resolutions!!

December 12, 2010


So many of us bustle through our days, with time virtually flying right before our eyes. Usually at the end of our hard days, we take a few minutes to relax with our furry friends and prepare to start it all over the next day. Days, weeks and months go by and, at times, we tend to forget some very important things that are crucial to a happy and healthy life for our pets. Before you know it, it’s a new year! 
As the New Year swiftly approaches and you start making resolutions – consider making some Pet-Resolutions! 
Here, you’ll find some thought provoking (we hope!) resolution ideas to help maintain the best life for your pet. 

Top Ten Pet-Resolutions for 2011!!

10. DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: We have all seen heartbreaking photos and heard horrible stories of pets suffering through an unexpected disaster. Consider not only making a disaster plan for your family, including your pet, but making a small disaster readiness kit for your pet. It could include items such as canned food, blankets, and a collar and leash, just to name a few.
9.   SOCIALIZE: Mainly for dogs, this is a fun and important aspect of being a dog… liking other dogs and people! Many people aren’t comfortable with dog parks or the like, however, you can socialize your dog in different ways; outdoor malls, walks around the neighborhood, or play dates with other dogs or people that you’re familiar with. Dogs should always have supervision during playtime, but they are social creatures and will be happier all around with friends – human or canine!
8. TRAVEL SAFETY: Most of us are appalled if we see a dog in the back of a pick-up truck being driven down the road. However, there are also a lot of us who take for granted that if a dog or cat is inside the car, they’re safe. Not necessarily!! Cats should be in carriers in a moving car, as should small dogs that can fit in a carrier. There are also several other options for car safety for dogs, including seatbelt restraints and booster seats. And remember to ALWAYS keep a collar (and leash if possible) on your dog in the car. If the worst happened and there was an accident, you certainly don’t want your dog running off, frightened with no ID on.
7.     EXERCISE: We all know how important this is, but it’s worth repeating in our list. Exercise not only helps maintain proper weight, but keeps muscles active, minds active and helps your pet get out a lot of energy that may be built up waiting for you to come home during the day. Even an inside game of fetch for a small dog would be better exercise than nothing at all.
6.    NO MORE TABLE SCRAPS:  Not only does giving your pet table scraps quickly pack on the pounds, it also teaches bad (begging) habits and could potentially be harmful to their health. For instance, if someone else who believes it’s ok to give them ‘people food’ gives your pet something that may be toxic. Also, important under this resolution…get to know the list of foods that are toxic to pets.
5.    TRAINING:    Even if you don’t bring your pet to puppy school or obedience class, it’s best to teach them the basics, like sit, down, stay and leave it. Not only can these commands be very helpful when people are over or when you drop something, it teaches your pet to obey you. That teaches them that you are the one in charge and they need to listen to you to be rewarded.
4.   ROUTINE NAIL TRIMS AND BRUSH OUTS: Nails being trimmed regularly is very important for your pet. Nails that are overgrown can not only do damage to your homes flooring, but can be very very uncomfortable for your pet. If you’ve never trimmed them yourself, it is usually an easy task to learn. If your pet really protests, consider bringing them to the office or to your groomer for regular pedicures. The same goes for brushing! Most pets really enjoy a good brushing or combing and keeping coats healthy and free of matts is a must for your furry friend.
3.   DENTAL HEALTH: Every night while you brush your teeth, think about how it’d just take a minute (even half a minute!) to do your pet’s teeth too. Proper oral hygiene is essential to your pets overall health. If you have questions on how to brush, contact our office and we can demonstrate and show you the proper tools. If you think your pet’s teeth need a cleaning before you start your brushing regimen, talk to the veterinarian about a professional dental cleaning, done here in the office.
2.     SPAY OR NEUTER. If you have been putting this off, don’t any more! Spaying or neutering your pet is one of the most important things you can do to give your pet the best life possible! Not only is spaying or neutering the best thing for their health, it’s helps your pet develop a good, friendly and well behaved disposition.
1.   BRING YOUR PET IN FOR A PHYSICAL EXAM AND NECESSARY VACCINATIONS.    This is on the top of our list for important things you can do for your animal. Yearly physical exams closely track how your pet is aging (remember approximately 7 animal years for every human year…) and gives you an opportunity to discuss any changes in health or behavior with the veterinarian.   Necessary vaccinations are boostered throughout a pet’s life to be sure they maintain proper immunity against potentially dangerous diseases.   Call the office today and make this the first on your checklist of pet-resolutions!!!
Town and Country Veterinary Associates
Would like to wish everyone a wonderful New Year.
Looking forward to the honor of knowing you and your pets
throughout 2011, and beyond.